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Dr. Rhonda Patrick of Foundmyfitness

If you prefer your health advice from a scientist you may love her podcast and videos. She has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science and is an expert in nutrition, metabolism, and aging. She is currently conducts clinical trials examining the positive effects of vitamin and mineral supplementation on metabolism, inflammation, and aging.

She publishes articles and videos based on current scientific research studies. I like it when she debunks bad studies and miss-information about nutrition. Like the ridiculous belief that supplemental vitamins are bad for the body or we cant metabolize them… ugh.

Her appearances on the Joe Rogan show , Tim Ferriss Show and more.
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Tim Ferriss

timothy-ferriss-hat-headshot-four-hour-work-week-body-chefThree time best selling author for the Four Hour Work Week, Four Hour Body, and The Four Hour Chef. Tim refers to his books as healthy wealthy and wise after the well known Ben Franklin quote. Tim’s blog is massively successful and popular. It features posts on various subjects but focuses on productivity, health and well-being and his podcast.

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