Google trends favor a homeless bum over Michael Jackson’s death

King of Google Trends

So you think the death of Michael Jackson is dominating all on the internet? Well apparently the king of pop is not the king of Google trends.  The Number 1 Google Trend search term for most Friday (June 26th 2009) even as late as 3AM Saturday was “Tippy Tom died”. Tippy was an alcoholic homeless man frequently featured on the “Opie And Anthony” radio show. He died from injuries related to being a drunk bum on the streets of New York City.

Apparently good old Tippy Tom’s death was mentioned on a few big websites. Gawker mentioned Tippy Tom in this article at the start of the fourth paragraph. Fox news noticed with this article. If you scroll to the bottom Tippy is mentioned at the end.

I am a big fan of the Opie and Anthony Show and Tippy Tom was beloved by listeners. What he lacked in personal hygiene and dignity he made more than made up of it with his comedic fun loving persona. He made allot of people happy who listened to the show. He will be sorely missed. I’m sure Tippy would be proud of his Google status. For more about Tippy Top try here.

Amusing a lunatic is not rewarding

r233591_936415Two years ago i was involved in an ebay transaction where a seller misrepresented a laptop for sale. It also happened to be adifferent model number.  That wasnt the main problem. The real problem was the laptop was a Frankenstein of bad parts and was worthless. It was terrible. I contacted the seller and explained that the model number was different and requested a resolution.  The seller basically told me to go to hell. I made the mistake of trying to reconcile our differences by phone and i was initially polite and respectful. Instead of getting a rational human being i got a raving lunatic. My next mistake was to allow this maniac to drag me into a shouting match. I left negative feedback as he deserved and promptly won my money back through paypal.

For most of us professional ebay sellers this sort of story is not completely unusual. But wait just there. My lunatic is not your garden verity lunatic. My lunatic wasn’t finished.

Months later. I put a few music CDs up for sale. This is not my usual auction. I got a crazy lowball offer.  It was $3 for 3 CDs and that would include shipping. I refused and countered for $12. I got a message stating that im crazy and they are worth $4 at walmart. I told this potential buyer that im not walmart, go there.  I offered $8 with free shipping.  Then this buyer complains that the CDs are probably junk and have scratches and they are only worth $4. Suddenly it dawned on me. This is not just any potential buyer its my lunatic!! I promptly told the buyer no deal and made the mistake of engaging in what this turd was looking for… a email spat. I kept it simple and called him 3 different kinds of dog shit and to just leave me alone.

3 Months later I get another offer on a different listing. I immediately recognized the ebay name. I replied with his full name and a quick message informing him that I’m not as dumb as his attempts. He was baiting me into a transaction so he could leave me negative feedback.

Now that this turd knows i can spot his ebay name. Every few months he would  just threaten me and taunt me if i happen to get a neutral or negative feedback. I would always reply with quick and nasty comebacks. Feeding him what he really craved… attention.  I told him that i hoped his next suicide attempt is successful. Wouldn’t you assume a complete maniac would think about suicide possibly on a daily basis?

Unfortunately for me my story doesn’t end here. My bored lunatic has took it upon himself to post a fake advertisement on the craiglist free section. He listed my business as going under and that my inventory is

Stay out

free. The best part is a few people showed up at my address after looking up my business listings.

I replied with a police officer to his front door at 3:30 PM on fathers day (Sunday). I was told by the police that his wife was shooting dirty looks at him and was unaware. I also sent her an email containing a copy of the email I’ve been getting. I did my research and she works for the local court house.

Sure enough The next day (Monday) 12:30PM. I got a call from the lunatic. He frantically told me that his ebay account was compromised and he never sent me anything. I guess hes stupid enough to believe I can skiptrace his wife’s professional email address out of thin air AND believe that horse shit. I told him to thank his wife (for me) for yelling at him on her lunch break and hung up.

I learned my lesson.
There is no entertainment in the sandbox.

Your only reward is washing sand out of your ass.

David Letterman’s response to protestors


Why cant this always be the response to all the hypersensitive idiots recently empowered by the idiotic news media? When are entertainers going to recover their god given right to be controversial and offensive? Since when did an apology become completely worthless? What the hell happened to all the reasonable people? Why arent they represented?

One of the reasons why this country is considered a free country is because we as Americans have freedom of expression even if it offends someone.

What does that actually mean? We have the right to offend each other! Yes that’s right! We have the right to publish a website on the proper ways to kill kittens and puppies. We can start an organization that’s goal is to convince children to drop out of school. We can tell crude jokes in public and We can be a jerks! Its actually legal and a constitutional right.

Why? …think about it. Everything can offend someone somewhere. Imagine universal G rated media or being run out of town over a dirty joke.  Sounds like hell on earth to me. Sounds like stepford.

This is why your fat

This is why you are fat

I spent far too long on this site. Wow who knew looking at food pics can be so entertaining. At your left is one of many delectable dishes awaiting you at my favorite site right now. Who can resist deep fried lard balls? or Chicken Finger Bacon Pizza? How about a deep fried cheese burger on a stick? Or some Bacon Cream Cheese Rolls? A feast for the arteries and a vegan nightmare.

Its why you are fat… or maybe someone you know?

I was one of the debaters on The Great tech debate

The great tech debate

I was one of the debaters on The great tech debate . Its a video podcast where guests pick technology topics to debate about.The show I was on can be seen by clicking here or the logo.

My topic for debate was Newsgroups or Usenet vs. Torrents. For those who don’t know both are methods of downloading files. Newsgroups have many advantages over Torrents and if your unfamilar with newsgroups and like torrents i highly suggest you try.

Warm Water Beaches near Long Island

cap cod

I heard a customer tell me once that some of the nicest beaches in the USA are in Cape Cod.

They are clear and some of them are warm. For those of us who live on long island we are no strangers to nice beaches. The only two things that are  always missing from the best long island beaches are warm water and clear water. For some reason the water is either an awefull brown or green. even in the ocean.

I did some research and apparently There are two warm and clear beaches in Cape cod. Old Silver beach and Bank Street Beach both are far from one another and seem to have a great reputation. They are approximately 4-5 hours away by car if you take the port jefferson or orient point ferry from Long Island.