Robert Moses to Ocean Beach Fire Island

If you like the beach, beach towns, fresh air, sun, sand, and are basically normal then you will appreciate this trip idea. You’ll need a mountain bike (preferably a fat tire bike), a warm sunny day, a bike rack, and $10 for parking. Start your journey from the Robert Moses Park Field 5 parking lot and ride north back to the main car road and then  ride east towards the Light House. Bikes are forbidden on the boardwalk. If you have a fat tire bike you can head south to the beach and ride the beach the whole way. You wont be able to drive through the narrow boardwalk toward the light house because its for pedestrians only.

If you check the map you’ll see there is a dirt road that runs last the light house to the first Fire Island town of Kismet. If you don’t have a fat tire bike the loose sand on the way to kismet will be a pain in your ass. I assure you that once you reach Kismet the roads are much easier all the way to fair harbor and wont be loose sand. prepare to end your trip at around fair harbor unless you are prepared to trek through about a half mike of loose sand to ocean beach.

Quick Facts:
– The trip is heavily weather dependent. If there’s possible rain in the forecast than you might want to scrap this plan.
– If you hate loose sand and or walking your bike through it at times then move on.
– Plan to be out early and/or back before sundown because Robert Moses is a park and closes at sun down. Also you will be passing through the coast guard property on a dirt road. This is acceptable and perfectly normal but not after sundown.
– Sometimes the road close to kismet is flooded and you may have to divert. 

Some pictures from the area.

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Click here to checkout pictures of a junk artist’s art display at Kismet Fire Island.

Basic map of the trip.

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  1. thanks for the info! i was looking to bike to fire island this weekend and this is exactly what i was looking for 🙂

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