RetroPie Multiplayer Player Games

If you like me and seek out multiplayer games that are fun for a group or as 2 player but are having a hard time finding co-op games. Here are a list of some of my favorite Multi-Player games available for the Pie.


Bomberman 2 : This game is 2 or 3 players and is an absolute crowd favorite. If your new to Bomberman then start here. This Bomberman game may lack many of the features, items, moves, and boards as the later titles but it doesn’t need to have them for hours of fun.
Mario Brothers: This is the predecessor to Super Mario Brothers. Its the arcade port of the same name. This is a co-op 2 player masterpiece. Its so good It’s been remastered as part of a few different games. The few I know about are Super Mario Brothers 3 (NES) and Super Mario Advance (Game Boy Advance).
Ice Climber: 2 Player Co-op This is part of the back box games.
Bubble Bobble and Bubble Bobble 2: – There is an arcade version you can get of this game. There is even a modern switch bubble bobble too.
Balloon Fight: 2 Player Co-op. This game is a black box game and very unique. It may take a little research to learn how to play.
– Dr. Mario: This is a 2 Player VS game. Its a lot of fun you probably know this game. What you may not know is that there are a few great hacks of this game. Dr. Luigi which is a GFX hack and Dr. Garfield which adds a very well done Garfield theme to the whole game. The hacks can be found on There is also a version of this game on the SNES.

Super Nintendo

  • Battle Tetris Gaiden: This is technically a Super Famicom game. (Which is the Super Nintendo that was released only in Japan) Its a hidden gem and one of my top favorite games on the SNES platform. Its basically Battle Tetris but you play as different characters with different abilities. Its without a doubt my favorite Tetris game and everyone I’ve known that has given it a chance loves this game. There is a fully translated English patch for this game on
  • Super Mario Kart: Of course. I know you know this game…. but! Did you know there are complete overhauled Hacks that feature new courses for all the cups and even the Battle mode? There are at least 20 and even a few that are coplete GFX overhauls that completely changes the characters and are hilarious.

Gameboy Advance

Super Mario Advance: This is the first title in the Super Mario Advance series and great 2 player game here is the remastered Mario Brothers they updated the Graphix, Controls and board. If you really like the origional on the NES then you should give this a try.