Reflowing Motherboards SMD Chips

Motherboard extra Crispy

I cam across a repair for some bad laptop motherboards. Some models of laptops have bad heatsinks for their Graphics chipsets. This heat can get so hot that it can melt the solder under the SMD chip and ball up and loose connection from the motherboard. The symptoms vary and basically are all of the tell tale symptoms of a bad motherboard.

This is a problem with IBM Think pad models T40, T41 and T42. Its also widely reported to be a problem for Some of the HP DV2000, DV6000 and DV9000 Series. The repair is not easy and requires an SMD rework station. Some technicians are able to reflow the SMD Chip solder with a heat gun. This is a dangerous repair and requires the technician to heat the motherboard enough to melt the solder under the SMD Chip but not enough heat to burn the components or melt any of the plastic.  As you might expect this is a repair that takes some experience to complete reliably and some guts.

I am going to take on a few test repairs and see how they go. It should be interesting and a great service to anyone who needs this repair. If it gos well It will be nice to tell a customer they wont have to spend the extra money on a new motherboard.

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