Nutz at Night #19 – Fly Like A Rocket

nutzatnight-logo-220 This show went live at 11PM Eastern time at and is a part of the podnutz network. We start the show out with  one of my topics. I talk about my experiences working for a private investigator. I worked as an  under cover investigator. Part of my job was to write daily reports. These reports had to be detailed with what my day was like and what i did and saw. I go into detail how this simple task greatly improved my overall memory.
Steve tells his experiences with a small computer he purchased to watch flash video TV episodes and how it failed.

Another topic for me was why I really like Microsoft Streets and Trips as a GPS and my undieing love for Google Maps.

What I hate was about car lights and why they drive me nuts. Steves Like was a great free app called, Synergykm. Synergykm is a PC/MAC Virtual KVM Switch.

My like was how a youtube video called Extreme Base Jumping in Wing suits. Its some fantastic footage of base jumpers who literally fly around (for real) in special winged jumpsuits. The video demonstrates these jumpers flying next to mountains edges and move like rockets.
You can see this video below.

These are just some of the topics we had for the show.  You can download the audio portion of the show here.


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