skydiving cats, an angry nerd and an overly attached computer

Hello everyone. Gearing up for the holidays after the superstorm sandy. I was one of the very lucky few to not have lost power and smart enough to fill my gas tank before the hurricane hit us.

– Laina AKA Overly Attached Girlfriend is back with the Overly Attached Computer.
– Lazlow the host of my favorite radio show lives in one of the most devastated areas of Long Island / NYC from hurricane sandy. His blog has some great pictures.
Filthy nasty hateful things people people put their computers through.
This bridge is the undefeated champion. Many have tried all have failed.
Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie looks so completely Awesome!
This american life did a show about one womans family investigation that led to the conclusion of a 100 year old family mystery. There were many twists and turns. A truly amazing story. I don’t care if it aired in 2008.
– Misa and Fukumaru are best friends.There friendship is documented with excellent pictures. Just another reason why cats are better than dogs.
Skydiving cats just might break the internet.


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