The most valuable tool in my shop. My Igo PSU.

Ive been ranting and raving about my Igo power adapter for awhile now. Always on Podnutz – The computer repair podcast network. IGo is a company who makes power supplies to power and charge nearly any device. I have a computer repair shop and I get tons of laptops these days. For some strange reason half of my clients bring me their laptops without a power adapter. Im not sure why. I think they all assume I will have no problem powering up their laptop on my own. What they dont realize is there are 15 different tips and many more different power supplies out there. I cant imagine a repair shop having all of them on hand and ready to go. I was sick of ordering the adapters only to just test a laptop. Its also a pain when you are waiting for an adapter and you cant work on the system until it arrives days later.

I was searching ebay for universal power adapters and found a listing for an Igo power adapter with the seller claiming it can power “9000 different laptops” I almost jumped out of my seat. To my surprise this may be partly accurate. The Igo power adapter Everywhere 130 is the best model for powering laptops.  Getting one of these power adapters isn’t easy. They are discontinued but I found a few available on ebay. The trouble is getting the tips. They are hard to find and if you can they go for about $8-10 USD each which adds up quick. I purchased two IGo adapters one just for the tips. The auction had 7 tips i needed and was about $60. I resold the second IGo with all of the duplicate tips i had and made most of my money back. Today I have them all and I can power up virtually any laptop that comes into my shop. So far the only laptops I cant power up are macbooks, some netbooks and old 120watt piece of crap dells.

There is an alternative, Targus. So far I haven’t been impressed. The quality is low and I have personally witnessed a Targus power adapter that powered up a laptop but wouldn’t charge the battery. My IGo charged the battery right away. So I will stick with my IGo for now. Their website is the only way to look up the tip you need. Which kind of sucks because they wont provide a compatibility list offline.

To conclude I think every Laptop Tech should have one of these in their shop. I tend to use my IGo at least two times a day in my shop. Even just for testing purposes. Its also great for testing faulty power connectors. Much easier than a voltmeter.

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