This is some of my basic incomplete research about different types of meditation practices. This page is ever evolving and being updated when time allows. By no means is this page complete


Jerry Seinfeld has a very funny basic explanation for what transcendental meditation means to him and how its helped him. This quick 12 minute clip is a great. I really like the youtube channel for the smart phone app headspace. Its available for Android and IOS. The youtube channel has some very quick explanations for many of the common questions people have about adding meditation to there life. Andy’s TED Talk is fantastic and is the founder of headspace.

Here is a really excellent video from the youtube channel big think.
Sam Harris has an excellent article on his blog on how to meditate.

Some different types and practices

The first thing to understand is that some meditative practices are secular and some are not at all. This is an important thing to consider when delving into a practice that will conflict with your own beliefs and turn you off.

Tibetan Tummo meditation is famous for monks who have been able to demonstrate the ability to redirect the matabolism into generating heat. This has been scientifically proven. If this interests you check out the wim hof method.

Transcendental meditation is a popular choice among celebrities and busy type A personalities.


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