McAllister County Park in Port Jefferson Harbor Hike

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If your crazy like me you might want to find unusual  places to go for short hikes that normal people haven’t considered. Some people overlook McAllister County Park while mooring their boats in “pirates cove” which is a part of Port Jefferson Harbor. Pirates cove got its name due to sunken ships that you can see on low tide at the beach. Yeah, How awesome is that? How many hikes have you been on that leads you to a couple sunken ships?

2011-07-24 18.26.54The reason everyone doesn’t go to McAllister is because there is no easy way to get to McAllister. You cant go by car because there is no parking available unless you are a resident of Belle Terre or anchor your boat. Belle Terre is one of the most expensive villages on Long Island. They have their own constables who would love to write you a ticket. McAllister also has a really cool landscape with huge dunes and bigger bluffs.

2011-07-24 18.53.47There is also some weird old worn out concrete ruins to see on the bay side of the cove. I have no idea what they were. But its very cool to see. If your looking for more of a view then keep walking the bayside and head over to the jetty and at end you can break the law and climb the tower and check out the Port Jefferson Ferry pass by and see the harbor from a totally different view than most.

2011-07-24 19.20.12All in all I highly recommend the trip if you aren’t turned off by the trouble it takes to get there. I found it easiest to park in Port Jefferson village and walk my way through Belle Terre. I don’t recommend hiking port jefferson bay side along the beech. There are way too many obsicles and way too much private land to cross for it to be worth the effort. Remember its not a one way trip!

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3 thoughts on “McAllister County Park in Port Jefferson Harbor Hike”

  1. I would love to see sunken ships around my state. Hey, do you still have a podcast about computer repair? Are the old ones still around? I’m always up for learning new things.

  2. Hi! I believe the old shows are still hosted on Seeing sunken ships is always especially cool when you can do it without a scuba mask!

  3. There’s a sign there that says the park is open from dawn-dusk. Do you know if you could get into trouble if you were to visit the park after-dusk? I wanted to get a shot of the boats coming in to Port Jeff Harbor from the quiet water perspective of Pirate’s Cove.

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