Hot Air rework Soldering Station

This is the hot air station i purchased from china on Ebay for my computer repair business. I purchased this unit mainly for de-soldering.  Anyone who has tried to de-solder and remove components from a PCB board knows this can be  difficult, time consuming and frustrating. Just when you melt one components lead the others harden up and hold it into place. The idea of hot air  is that you can heat up the area and melt all of the connections at once. This leaves you with the option of removing the component without removing the solder with a de-soldering wick or a de-soldering pump.

This is what the box looks like. Its pretty simple really. There is no need for pretty pictures. Its a true white box experience. There are many different company names and models to choose from. I chose this one based on a few things I liked in the Ebay listing.

This is the handle for the hot air station. Inside there is a small fan. wires and a heating element. I liked that this model had the heating element inside of the handle. As you can see this makes it easy to replace the heating element if needed. There are many nozzles for the handle they are pictured above. There is a magnet kill switch in the handle and stand. So when you you place the handle back on the mount it automatically shuts off the air.

Above is a picture of the extra heating element included.
The station is digital and has 2 connections and heaters. One is for the soldering iron and the other is for the hot air. The dial higher up is the control for fan speed.  The other two are for both heating elements hot air and Iron. Thats the other reason i chose this unit. It comes with a soldering iron.


So far I haven’t had much experience with hot air de-soldering. I liked this unit because it had a reasonable price and many accessories. It even came with many soldering iron tips. Most of them are very sharp. If you find this blog entry helpful, or interesting please leave some comments. I would like to hear what people think.

5 thoughts on “Hot Air rework Soldering Station”

  1. Steven,

    I had bought the same exact model just before I heard you talk about this on Podnutz, and mine was from , which I assume is the same seller with a different account. Anyway I have turned it on to make sure it heats up the hot air gun and the soldering iron, but haven’t actually used it for a job yet.

    My soldering iron tip is very loose, which doesn’t seem normal. I tried tightening the nut to tighten the tip, but it moves too much, so I sent them an email. Is your tip real loose? Just wondering, because I have never had a soldering iron with a loose tip before.

    I would like to see a video demonstration when you get it mastered to know what the best settings would be for reflow work. Keep up the great work.



  2. Hey Steve,
    First off congrats on your first child.
    Next, I was recently listening to Podnutz Daily #240 (yes, I am a little behind) and I heard that you got this awesome hot air solder station.
    I have 2 HP DV-series laptops.
    One is a DV-6xxx and the other is a DV-9xxx.
    I was wondering how much you would charge to repair the two.

    Alan DeRego

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