Hot Air rework Soldering Station *Update*

I have had the hot air station for awhile now and i have discovered a few things about the soldering station. De-soldering with the soldering iron is not recommended. The traditional way to de-solder components is to use a de-soldering wick soldering paste and the iron. The solder soaks up the solder and after a few tries the component lead will be solder free and the component can be removed with damaging the tracings on the motherboard. However I have noticed that the solder in many laptop motherboards is a high temperature solder and this soldering station’s soldering iron just doesn’t get hot enough at 450 degrees. My digital weller soldering station gets up to 850 degrees and makes the task of de-soldering with a wick much easier.

But that’s not why I bought this hot air station. I bought this station for one simple task. De-soldering laptop DC Jacks without going insane. Now hat i have had a few jobs with it. I can assure you it works very well. I can make all dc jack contacts melt at the same time and remove the jack without removing the solder. I can even add the new jack immediately after the faulty jack is removed. This actually saves time, effort and aggravation.

I have also discovered a new use for the hot air de-soldering station. I also use the hot air to remelt hot glue on the occasion when i use hot glue to repair broken bezels screw holes and remounting screw nuts. With the hot air station you can heat the hot glue to a higher temp than the glue gun and work with it longer.

To conclude I would simply say I am satisfied with the hot air station and what it can do. Its well worth the price if you do advanced laptop repairs.

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