Hot Air rework Soldering Station *2nd Update*

After finding a great rate on a hot air rework station. (around $120 shipped) I have been amazed at how much easier doing most de-soldering jobs has become. Soldering two pieces of metal together is relatively a simple task. The trouble starts when  you need to de-solder components from a PCB board that have many leeds. You can melt two or three of the leeds and still the component is held firmly onto the PCB.  However if you use hot air. All of the components leeds could melt at the same time and the component can be removed quickly without the removal of the original solder.

I have noticed that it has been difficult to hold the Hot air station handle, grasp the component and keep the motherboard in the same place. I tried to find flexible piping but nothing i found was strong enough to hold the handle in place. While in storage I found a clamping desk light. I purchased this light years ago from staples. Its the kind that has a long arm and springs. It also has a terrible magnification glass and a standard light bulb  in the “head”. I have no idea where to find another. I think it cost $20 Dollars.

So as you may have guessed I took of the lighted “head” and attached the handle and hot air nozzle to the station. For my model I had to remove one of the springs to balance the weight difference. Now my hot air station is truly hands free and it leaves me with the ability to hold the motherboard in place and grab the component with some pliers at the same time. Click on the pictures to see more details.

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