Panoramic Shots

2014-10-06 16.18.03Montauk Point with view of the light house.

2014-10-07 17.55.34This is a shot I took off a Greenport dock while the Shelter Island ferry was returning.

2014-06-06 11.16.13This is a horse ranch here on L.I. Some of the riding trails are along the beach.

2013-06-19 15.32.46This is cutting arboretum on the south shore. Every time I’m here I see wildlife and something new.

2013-04-24 12.36.24A small peach farm (early spring) This was a family owned farm that was converted into a park. It still has animals and many programs for kids. They have a wigwam and a huge modern playground. Say hello to “Nickel” the pig.

2013-04-16 12.43.48-2Hoyt Park Swamp in hauppauge (spring). One of the few areas you can hear the bugs and watch the turtles. Most people come here on their lunch break for a quick hike and small dose of nature before returning to the fluorescent lit corporate grind.

Do Not Enter“Do not enter” (middle Island) After the recent snowpocalypse. Who can resist an invitation like this? This is the northern tip of an area that may be converted to a Super Walmart…. haaa ray.

2013-05-17 18.01.30Deep inside the Rocky Point State Pine Barrens and Preserve. These concrete footings  are a few reminders of the 400-foot radio towers owned by RCA between 1920 and 1972. 1970s radio technology deemed these towers obsolete.

151047_10151286353659662_708640263_nCentral Park NYC fall foliage. No other place can be historic, overblown, magical and steril all at the same time. There is never a bad time to be here. Well maybe if you’re a jogger at night in the 80s.

26997_384128534661_3065987_nMassapequa Falls. You can catch fish, admire the beautiful views and hear the roar of Sunrise Highway all at once. When I come here I see the fathers teach their boys how to catch the fresh water fish.

2013-03-29 15.00.34A few pond ducks. Far from the highways this is a great place to see. During the winter it seems to be dominated by canadian geese.

534935_10151430358094662_2010864495_nFire Island Beach. One of my favorite places for a hike. Make your way to kismet through here. Its always worth it.

hordens pointHorton’s point light house.  For many years it was abandoned. The ruins were restored and is now a functioning aid to navigation, museum, and great view off the seaside cliff.

538535_10150994279984662_236155864_nGlacier Ridge Mountain biking trail. What goes up comes down in a big way. One of the most fun and challenging trails on long island.

stairs2A staircase from leading to the top of a north shore bluff.

2013-07-06 18.04.47An old fire road out east.

2013-06-19 17.42.18A hidden spot in heckscher state park.

2013-05-27 17.30.59Lighthouse beach east of Robert Moses. For many years this area was infamous for being clothing optional. After many complaints of lewd acts the bathing suits are now mandatory.

523859_10150830305874662_1218674401_nRocky Point Preserve fire road. This is a great place to get lost and its far enough to close your eyes and not hear anything or anyone.

391579_10151220327264662_984323039_nMiddle Island October pumpkins (out my car window) I love the Fall, pumpkins, and Halloween. This is one of the few family owned farms in the area and too far out east.

2013-04-10 17.38.19Early Spring at a nature sanctuary in Massapequa. Come here for the views and the great freshwater fishing. You can see the fish through the clear water along the foot bridges.

Untitled_Panorama1 - CopyThats one of the many views of the deep woods of Rocky Point preserve. It gets better when you take your mountain bike for the 17 mile trail. PRO TIP: Avoid hunting season and getting shot! 🙂

272215_10150245609594662_3356097_oThis is Robert Moses Park and view of the Robert Moses Bridge. Few people know you can bike your way from Robert Moses to the most fun towns of Fire Island.

535893_10151563802109662_581392628_nCatch Port Jefferson at dawn and avoid the crowds and see one of the nicest dockside towns on long Island. Port Jefferson will be even nicer with all of the construction projects each year and there’s plenty to see and do.

2013-05-14 16.20.48Salt water marshes are one of the most unique features of Long Island. What makes it the most unique is having a bike pathway that runs alongside it.



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