FAA rule: Airliners cant hold passengers hostage past 3 hours.

Apparently, U.S. Airways CEO Doug Parker isn’t brain dead. This is a trait uncommon in the American Airline industry. In a public statement Mr. Parker has made the simple conclusion that the Airline industry is responsible for the new FAA rule that states an Airline will pay hefty fines for kidnapping its passengers on a tarmac for over 3 hours.

Yes. I used the word “kidnap” because in too many situations airliners have somehow felt it was necessary to hold their customers on a tarmac for longer than 3 hours without returning them to the gate.

Here’s a classic example.

In February,  2007 JetBlue passengers were stuck on the tarmac for 8 hours. Jetblue employees somehow found it unnecessary to just bring the passengers back to the gate. When the story broke Jetblue added comedy to their disgrace by explaining the 8 hour delay was due to icy weather. The news didnt bother to remind Jetblue the story was not about the delay and the weather.The story is about the decision to hold passenger against their will for 8 hours!. Jetblue said in a statement that they will be refunding these passengers tickets. So what the lesson for this story?

Jetblue may legally kidnap you for 8 hours but, they wont charge you for it. Its free.

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