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The worst post accident pictures I have ever seen. *update*

A mechanic friend told me the story of a 25 year old’s unfortunate accident. According to my friend the another mechanic worked in a shop next to his.  This 25 year old guy took the shops client’s car to “test the new brakes”.

Unfortunately for this car, the mechanic and the client. This guy thought he was James Bond and drove at speeds higher than 90mph and attempted to drift the car into the shop parking lot. Instead he nearly cut the car in half with a telephone pole sideways. I know he wasn’t killed Instantly and was rushed the hospital. Did he survive his stupid recklessness? I’m not sure. Bang everyone loses.

The driver not only survived this wreck. He’s made a complete recovery and is back to work at the same shop! 

Notice the telephone pole damage in the middle and how the back end is elevated.img_20111229_162329img_20111229_162352img_20111229_162404-1img_20111229_162449-1img_20111229_162500