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Mashomack Preserve

Mashomack Preserve is one of my favorite hiking locations. Its on Shelter Island and is enormous. Its over 2000 acres of incredible land with untouched beaches fresh water marshes and woodlands. Nearly all of Long Islands trees were cut down for building efforts and its my theory that most of the Mashomack wooded areas are untouched. Its just not like most other areas of Long Island. If you make a trip be sure you take the obvious hiking gear. Bug repellent, GPS, map, water and make sure you leave enough time to get back.

Be sure to check out Nichols cemetery. Its beautiful, well kept family cemetery for the family that lived in the area. Its hidden pretty well and easy to miss. I took many pictures.


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McAllister County Park in Port Jefferson Harbor Hike

2011-07-24 19.07.37

If your crazy like me you might want to find unusual  places to go for short hikes that normal people haven’t considered. Some people overlook McAllister County Park while mooring their boats in “pirates cove” which is a part of Port Jefferson Harbor. Pirates cove got its name due to sunken ships that you can see on low tide at the beach. Yeah, How awesome is that? How many hikes have you been on that leads you to a couple sunken ships?

2011-07-24 18.26.54The reason everyone doesn’t go to McAllister is because there is no easy way to get to McAllister. You cant go by car because there is no parking available unless you are a resident of Belle Terre or anchor your boat. Belle Terre is one of the most expensive villages on Long Island. They have their own constables who would love to write you a ticket. McAllister also has a really cool landscape with huge dunes and bigger bluffs.

2011-07-24 18.53.47There is also some weird old worn out concrete ruins to see on the bay side of the cove. I have no idea what they were. But its very cool to see. If your looking for more of a view then keep walking the bayside and head over to the jetty and at end you can break the law and climb the tower and check out the Port Jefferson Ferry pass by and see the harbor from a totally different view than most.

2011-07-24 19.20.12All in all I highly recommend the trip if you aren’t turned off by the trouble it takes to get there. I found it easiest to park in Port Jefferson village and walk my way through Belle Terre. I don’t recommend hiking port jefferson bay side along the beech. There are way too many obsicles and way too much private land to cross for it to be worth the effort. Remember its not a one way trip!

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Robert Moses to Ocean Beach Fire Island

If you like the beach, beach towns, fresh air, sun, sand, and are basically normal then you will appreciate this trip idea. You’ll need a mountain bike (preferably a fat tire bike), a warm sunny day, a bike rack, and $10 for parking. Start your journey from the Robert Moses Park Field 5 parking lot and ride north back to the main car road and then  ride east towards the Light House. Bikes are forbidden on the boardwalk. If you have a fat tire bike you can head south to the beach and ride the beach the whole way. You wont be able to drive through the narrow boardwalk toward the light house because its for pedestrians only.

If you check the map you’ll see there is a dirt road that runs last the light house to the first Fire Island town of Kismet. If you don’t have a fat tire bike the loose sand on the way to kismet will be a pain in your ass. I assure you that once you reach Kismet the roads are much easier all the way to fair harbor and wont be loose sand. prepare to end your trip at around fair harbor unless you are prepared to trek through about a half mike of loose sand to ocean beach.

Quick Facts:
– The trip is heavily weather dependent. If there’s possible rain in the forecast than you might want to scrap this plan.
– If you hate loose sand and or walking your bike through it at times then move on.
– Plan to be out early and/or back before sundown because Robert Moses is a park and closes at sun down. Also you will be passing through the coast guard property on a dirt road. This is acceptable and perfectly normal but not after sundown.
– Sometimes the road close to kismet is flooded and you may have to divert. 

Some pictures from the area.

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Click here to checkout pictures of a junk artist’s art display at Kismet Fire Island.

Basic map of the trip.

Adventure and perseverance on two wheels

I came across the wild story of former Hells Angel, Author and Martial Arts Champion Glen Heggstad on the Biography Channel. The show was “I survived” and it features interviews of people who have survived extreme near death experiences. Glen Heggstad’s story was one of the most memorable for me.

Glen decided to go on a one man motorcycle expedition from California to the southern tip of South America. Along the way he was kidnapped by Colombian rebels for 33 days. They beat, humiliated, and tortured him. They had also setup many mock executions to break his will to live. For example they made him stand in front of an open grave and pointed a gun to his head. Glen came up with an even more amazing plan to regain his freedom. After Glen was released Glen continued his trip despite being severely underweight and malnourished. Glen resumed his mission to the southern tip of south america despite his horrific ordeal. He has since traveled across the world on his BMW motorcycle. In total he has visited 57 countries

Glen’s website is You checkout the video of his numerous interviews and appearances. His story was also featured on Locked up abroad. He currently lives in California as a martial arts instructor.

Checkout the following inspirational video for his abbreviated story and where hes been. Its incredible!


Glacier Ridge Mountain Bike Video

Here is a great video of one of my favorite mountain bike trails. I am lucky to live only a few minutes from the trail entrance. The name of the trail is Glacier Ridge and it is maintained by an organization of mountain biker enthusiasts called CLIMB. They build and maintain many mountain bike trails and fight the local governments on bicycling Long Islanders behalf.  I take this path regularly. Its one hell of a fun ride and not for the faint of heart. This Video is a good way to see what the trail looks like. However Its way more intense in person.
Video taken by Chris D. on Vimeo.

My favorite application is Google maps.

google maps logoI am obsessed with Google maps. I have a damn good reason. I hope this post will explain my obsession and enlighten a few. Please send your comments!

Technology, Computers and the internet are just fun detraction and entertainment if they arent used to expand your world or help you accomplish real world things. Thats why Google maps is my favorite app period. You can find awesome restaurants, businesses, better directions, hiking biking and horse trails, beaches, parks, scenic drives, subway bus and ferry routes… the list is endless.

Find your next favorite restaurants, hotels and businesses and laugh at the crap.
Restaurant reviews are a huge help in avoiding another dining nightmare. You can easily find a new favorite restaurant and impress your loved ones. Google has combined the reviews from a huge list of sites.,, Yahoo local,,,,,,,,, and googles own reviews are just some of the best known.

There used to be a way to filter the search results by review stars. Google has quietly removed this feature. My assumption is that many review sites don’t have a 5 star rating system and Google couldn’t properly sort them.

Keep in mind fake reviews are usually posted all the same day and some reviewers cannot be pleased. Many amazing businesses have a couple unfair negative reviews from some narcissist who found a single hair in a bathroom or a waiter who stood up for himself when being bullied. However when a business truly sucks the terrible reviews can be hilarious. If you find any reviews that are so bad they are funny please submit them to

Vacation planning with map making
When you sign into your google account you can create place markers by clicking on “my maps”. A big factor in planing a trip is the distance between between places. Wouldnt it be great to know that the hotel your staying at has an extremely popular restaurant a block away? or that everyone loves the the hotel you booked but the restaurant downstairs is overpriced crap. Make a list of places you would like to be and map them in the unfamiliar city your in. Now you can group them by their proximity and accomplish more by traveling less.
Google maps even has features for directions by car, mass transit, bicycle and even walking. Planing a trip to NYC and would like to bike in central park? Wouldn’t be nice to have the reviews that explain the conviently located boat house restarant is shit? How about bicycle directions to an excellent casual restaurant 5 blocks away? That cool Island off the coast is reachable by 3 different ferries and where they depart from?

ohhhh yeah the features
Do I really need to mention every feature? like streetview? Browser built in google earth? photos in Customisable printed directions?

Discover new trails and hikes.
When you look into wooded areas the satellite view allows you the ablity to discover new trail systems. Do enough research into the park and you can get proper park trail maps and permits.

Google maps has a layer for realtime traffic reports!

Take it all with you!
Personally I hate limitations. I want what I want here… and NOW! Take Google maps with you on your android or iPhone. Take your map creations, searches, and reviews with you.

Warm Water Beaches near Long Island

cap cod

I heard a customer tell me once that some of the nicest beaches in the USA are in Cape Cod.

They are clear and some of them are warm. For those of us who live on long island we are no strangers to nice beaches. The only two things that are  always missing from the best long island beaches are warm water and clear water. For some reason the water is either an awefull brown or green. even in the ocean.

I did some research and apparently There are two warm and clear beaches in Cape cod. Old Silver beach and Bank Street Beach both are far from one another and seem to have a great reputation. They are approximately 4-5 hours away by car if you take the port jefferson or orient point ferry from Long Island.