Adventure and perseverance on two wheels

I came across the wild story of former Hells Angel, Author and Martial Arts Champion Glen Heggstad on the Biography Channel. The show was “I survived” and it features interviews of people who have survived extreme near death experiences. Glen Heggstad’s story was one of the most memorable for me.

Glen decided to go on a one man motorcycle expedition from California to the southern tip of South America. Along the way he was kidnapped by Colombian rebels for 33 days. They beat, humiliated, and tortured him. They had also setup many mock executions to break his will to live. For example they made him stand in front of an open grave and pointed a gun to his head. Glen came up with an even more amazing plan to regain his freedom. After Glen was released Glen continued his trip despite being severely underweight and malnourished. Glen resumed his mission to the southern tip of south america despite his horrific ordeal. He has since traveled across the world on his BMW motorcycle. In total he has visited 57 countries

Glen’s website is You checkout the video of his numerous interviews and appearances. His story was also featured on Locked up abroad. He currently lives in California as a martial arts instructor.

Checkout the following inspirational video for his abbreviated story and where hes been. Its incredible!


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