Who is this guy?

Im so coolHello All,
This is the personal blog of Steve D’Amico. My writings are will usually be about some of the research I do and about random things that interest and inspire me.

About Me:
I have been a repair technician for 12 years of my professional life. Ive owned and operated a computer repair shop, and a cleaning business on Long island, NY. I specialized in advanced laptop repair, ebay sales, and now gas fireplace service and repair . My computer repair business was called SMD Computer. I hosted the weekly podcast The Unbootables. The theme of the podcast is a technology based comedy. Occasionally I co-host shows on the podnutz podcast network.

Blog Header

Each of the blog headers are pictures I have taken personally and change randomly.

Blog Theme:
I use the theme Twenty Eleven 1.2 The theme also sports a randomized header of pictures I have personally taken from various places.

5 thoughts on “Who is this guy?”

  1. Hey! I like your blog! The baby looks so cute too!!
    Very good going Steve, hope things are going ok with you. I will check back here from time to time to see how things are ok?

    Oh, before I forget, one of these days I would like to see your store. I am sure you are getting a lot of business and as being one of your customers I must say you do EXCELLENT work and I have recommended you to some of my clients.

    Anyhow be well and talk to you soon. . . . .

  2. Hey, take a look at Picasa Tool. It works great. Allows you to immediately upload your photos to your Picasa Photo Album.

    Give it a look and I hope to hear you review it on Android App Addicts.


  3. Hi Steve! I was looking through your site about how you mounted your rework station to some kind of magnifying glass assembly? You said you would post those pictures but I have seen them yet. Enjoy listening to you on NaN!! Regards, Kevin(Reliant)

  4. Hey Steve –
    You said on your Web site ‘follow me and I’ll follow you back’ (on Twitter). I’ve been following you (@SMDSteve)for weeks. Still waiting.
    – DRA

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