WTF Podcast with Marc Maron

WTf is easily one of my favorite podcasts. Its also one of the most successful podcasts for a reason. Its real and raw and the host does not shy away from exposing the most intimate of details about life, pain, anxiety, success and failure.  Oh, did I mention its also funny? and that most of the guests are comedians?

In the earliest podcasts Marc was more unsure, anxious and searching for the reason his career has landed him in his garage talking with friends. Why is he divorced twice? WTF?
If you follow the earliest episodes to more recent you can literally watch someone pick themselves up from their bullshit make sense of it all and become one of the most respected podcasters in the world.

… or you can just hear nearly every comedian you love on his show in an intimate real conversation about who they are off stage and what makes them tick.


His website is
Android app is here
iPhone is available too.

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