Nutz at Night #19 – Fly Like A Rocket

nutzatnight-logo-220 This show went live at 11PM Eastern time at and is a part of the podnutz network. We start the show out with  one of my topics. I talk about my experiences working for a private investigator. I worked as an  under cover investigator. Part of my job was to write daily reports. These reports had to be detailed with what my day was like and what i did and saw. I go into detail how this simple task greatly improved my overall memory.
Steve tells his experiences with a small computer he purchased to watch flash video TV episodes and how it failed.

Another topic for me was why I really like Microsoft Streets and Trips as a GPS and my undieing love for Google Maps.

What I hate was about car lights and why they drive me nuts. Steves Like was a great free app called, Synergykm. Synergykm is a PC/MAC Virtual KVM Switch.

My like was how a youtube video called Extreme Base Jumping in Wing suits. Its some fantastic footage of base jumpers who literally fly around (for real) in special winged jumpsuits. The video demonstrates these jumpers flying next to mountains edges and move like rockets.
You can see this video below.

These are just some of the topics we had for the show.  You can download the audio portion of the show here.


Nutz at night Episode #17

nutzatnight-logo-220 This podcast was not recorded live due to the world series. We talk about google voice and its strange voice mail transcription. I mention one of my favorite websites Its a website that lists the various shortcuts through the “customer service” telephone systems to get to an actual live human being.  We also talk a bit about steampunk laptop modifications. These are just a few topics.

Checkout the podcast here.

Podnutz Episode 38: All Over The Place

podnutz-logo-220In this podcast We talk about my love affair with my Igo power adapter. Steves laptop repair videos. Computer virus cleanup issues. Some discussions about customer service and building a nice customer referral base.  I tell a few customer service stories. I also pass on a great video i found on youtube of a laptop battery fire. You can see the video here.

We talked about much more.

Listen to the whole recorded show here

I was one of the debaters on The great tech debate again.

The great tech debateI was one of the debaters on The great tech debate again. Its a video podcast where guests pick technology topics to debate about. The show I was on can be seen by clicking here or the logo.

My topic for debate was LCD panels. Matte finish vs. gloss finish. I didnt have much confidence with the topic. Apparently it was a good one because some of the debaters on the show were passionate. There was allot of people on the show and i think its a great one. You can view the recorded show’s live feed at ustream with this link. It was recorded at a small party and informal but worth a listen for sure if your a tech head.

You can hear the show live when it happens at The Great Tech Debate website.

Podnutz The Computer Repair Podcast and Technology Network

Podnutz = Great I would like to take the time to plug my favorite podcast podnutz. This post is long overdue.  I checked ITunes and this podcast has 67 5 Star reviews. Absolutely no one gave this podcast anything but glowing praise and its free.

Podnutz is a podcast for computer repair professionals and the computer enthusiast who would like to learn the ins and outs of many repair issues. The host (Steve Cherubino) is excellent. There’s no fluff or cheese in any of his podcasts. Steve is even a great interviewer and knows how to get excellent guests. All topics are relevant and up to date with today’s computer repair issues. Podnutz is technically a podcast network of many technology related topics.

I even somehow occasionally convince Steve Cherubino to have me on as a guest. Even more amazing is how Steve is fantastic enough to keep me on track and interesting enough to not completely humiliate myself! To bad my microphone makes me sound like a castrated midget. Hows that for self confidence? I’m getting better!

I’ve been in the computer repair business for 6 years and I am proud to admit I’m a better technician from this podcast.

Google trends favor a homeless bum over Michael Jackson’s death

King of Google Trends

So you think the death of Michael Jackson is dominating all on the internet? Well apparently the king of pop is not the king of Google trends.  The Number 1 Google Trend search term for most Friday (June 26th 2009) even as late as 3AM Saturday was “Tippy Tom died”. Tippy was an alcoholic homeless man frequently featured on the “Opie And Anthony” radio show. He died from injuries related to being a drunk bum on the streets of New York City.

Apparently good old Tippy Tom’s death was mentioned on a few big websites. Gawker mentioned Tippy Tom in this article at the start of the fourth paragraph. Fox news noticed with this article. If you scroll to the bottom Tippy is mentioned at the end.

I am a big fan of the Opie and Anthony Show and Tippy Tom was beloved by listeners. What he lacked in personal hygiene and dignity he made more than made up of it with his comedic fun loving persona. He made allot of people happy who listened to the show. He will be sorely missed. I’m sure Tippy would be proud of his Google status. For more about Tippy Top try here.

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