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I believe many computer repair technicians have ideas about what the geek squad charge for computer repair services or are unsure. I created this simple table which shows what services they do, and charge for. Everything is taken directly from their website.

Some services are missing like DC-Jack repairs, laptop LCD repairs, motherboard replacements and OS re-installs. I think many of the advanced repairs the geek squad scares off the repair by telling the customer that the computer repair is not worth the fix and up sells a new laptop or desktop.

Phone quote online In store In home
Virus & Spyware Removal X X 149.99 199.99 299.99
Backup and online storage X 69.99 X X X
Computer Training X 49.99 X X 149.99
Computer Tuneup X 49.99 X 99.99 X
Data Recovery X X X Starting 59.99 X
Email setup X X Setup: 49.99 Troubleshoot: 69.99 X X
Hardware install (MEM-MP3-printer- etc) X X X 49.99 X
Hardware Repair X X X Price Varies X
Phone Quote Online In Store In Home
In home PC Hookup X X X X 149.99
Setup of Mobile Broadband X X X 29.99 X
Printer Setup 149.99 49.99 X X X
Printer Trouble shooting X 69.99 X X 149.99
installing antivirus and security software. X X X 69.99 X
Socail Media training X 49.99 X X 149.99
Phone Quote Online In Store In Home
Software Install X 49.99 X 29.99 129.99
Technology Consultation X X X X 99.99
Wireless Networking X X X X 99.99

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  1. Maybe I can share some insight. First, let me say that your price list was accurate until 20 March when GS/Best Buy rolled out a new set of services. Check your store for details of the “Tech Support” program.

    Next, the hardware repairs you mentioned (dc jack, LCD) can be done at the Geek Squad service center, not at the store primarily due to time/space issues. That work, if you are not covered by mfg warranty or service plans (aka extended warranty), will cost a deposit up-front plus the cost of repairs. However, the in-store services do include diagnostic tests on the hardware, e.g. benchmark tests, to determine the integrity of your computer’s hardware.

    All payment is pretty much up front to keep bums, cheapskates and hustlers from getting GS to do free work with little to no intention of paying for it when it’s done.

    Then, if you get a virus and need it removed because you don’t know how, or you need your data backed up because you don’t know how, or you just generally don’t know how to use a computer, your options are: a) learn how to use a computer; b) pay someone to do the work for you; c) stop using MS Windows and get a Mac.

    No, your manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover viruses that you got from looking at porn or “free” online tv/movies/music or downloading some stupid “free” e-card or pimped-out solitaire game. Nor does it cover the eternally-buggy Windows OS because you don’t actually have to run Windows on your machine (unless maybe you are an engineer or a gamer, in which case you should be able to fix software issues yourself).

    If you want complete coverage, you have to pay for it up-front by adding service plans. Or, just learn how to use a computer.

    Now, sometimes the cost of repairs does approach the cost of a new computer, especially if you went cheap and refused to pay over $400 for some POS bargain like HP or Dell. If you want a computer to last for more than a couple of years, you have to pay for the quality up front. Even if you insist on running Windows, crossing that $500-600 threshold makes a huge difference in the quality of computer you get, unless it is HP or Dell.

    Pretty much, you DO have to pay for someone to do work for you if you can’t do it yourself. Pay for work done? SHOCKER!

    Also, Geek Squad are repair people, not teachers. If you don’t know how to drive a stick shift, do you go buy a 5-speed and expect the dealer to teach you how to operate the manual transmission? Do you call the mechanic and ask for step-by-step instructions on how to change your oil, and even expect the person to stay on the phone while you give it your best shot? Maybe you do, in which case you are obnoxious and need a reality check.

    As a computer tech, I need to get it off my chest that people do not have a a civil or human right to computer repair. I’m lookin’ at you, baby boomers and seniors – sorry, just because your generation didn’t grow up with this stuff doesn’t entitle you to free or even cheap help. Generally, you should never stop learning, and IT is no different than any other field.

    Finally, you are paying the price for not only the labor, but also the overhead, including the professional and proprietary tools used to fix the machine, as well as the guarantee and indirectly, the insurance so if the store floods or burns, you get a replacement. For in-home services, you are paying for all the overhead/insurance to put a driver in a vehicle, as well as a four-hour window that is all yours.

    Geek Squad is a business. The aim is to make money, and Geek Squad makes money off people who don’t know how to use a computer, the same way Jiffy Lube makes money off people who don’t know (or don’t care) to change their own oil. Geek Squad is NOT community service. Obama hasn’t socialized computer repair yet (I kid, I voted for the man, but you get the point).

  2. im looking at your rates list. are the prices listed PER hour?
    exampl: if I needed wireless networking at my home it says 99.99! is that the total cost I will be charged? is there any other thing i will be charged for? Like service call or anything else. I need to know what i will be paying before someone comes. I dont want someone comming to my house and hand me a bill for 300.00 bucks when the cost says 99.99.

  3. This is incredible, $50 to setup an email account, $50 to setup a printer, good grief how much would it cost to actually fix the computer if it broke down? I’d be scared to ask.

  4. I guess charging $150.00 an hour for a plumber changing an easy 10 cent washer is to much either. Or $75.00 to change tires in 15min. is to much either.

  5. The plumber statement is absolutely correct. You pay a plumber because they have the experience to fix something you can’t. Same as a doctor or a mechanic. Somehow computer repair is often regarded as if it is not a valuable thing… well…

    If you’re looking for somebody to fix something you can’t do yourself, it’s the same thing.. just different piece of equipment.

  6. I used geek squad last month to clean up my viruses etc. very happy to pay the 149.00

  7. Sweet. I just snappped that useful pice of information into my backend and removed hotlinking to save on bandwidth. Definetly a nice thing to know.

  8. where can I get someone to set up a flat screen t.v in my home. I live in the Wasaga Beach area?

  9. They charge a crazy amount for even the most basic things. Out of curiosity I asked them once how much it would cost to install windows XP and I think they quoted me over $200.00. Then another time I had broken the screen on my laptop and I thought about taking it to them to fix it since I had never worked on a laptop before but they wanted $300.00 dollars. I did it myself for the cost of the screen. It was actually pretty easy and the screen was only about $50.00 on Amazon.

  10. I DO NOT recommend Geek Squad. I used them a few years ago, had an issue of my problem not being fixed after bringing the computer in 3 times. I decided to give them a second chance. Paid $80 to have them move all of my files from my old computer to my new computer. Found out that most of the files had not been moved and there were files on my computer that were not mine. They will not refund my money. I ended up moving everything on my own. Took a total of about 6 hours. Spend your money somewhere else. Even if its a bit more expensive, your service might actually be completed!!

  11. First off replacing anything inside a laptop of desktop takes time. Especially when working on laptops. Replacing things like DC jacks or anything attached directly to the motherboard takes time and skill. So why wouldn’t a tech want to charge what its worth. I charge $95.00 per hour here in Denver. Your not very smart if you allow the average computer wannabe to do this kind of work. That’s why I and many others charge what we do and $300 is nothing for a repair bill. Most laptop screens take around 1.5 hours at an absolute minimum to replace. plus the cost of the screen. Time is money. Some have told me the $95 I charge is crazy and have tole me to go “F” myself. While I do understand their position, it still takes years of training and experience to learn what we do. Do lawyers give their time away? Doctors? No. Why? because it took a long time and a fair amount of money to know what we know and do what we do. Some think paying $50 an hour is absurd. I find that wage an insult to what I do. You can also pay an idiot $25.00 an hour and he takes 4 hours to fix your computer and charges you $100. It would most likely take a seasoned professional 1 hour to fix it and the price is the same. Plus you can trust guys like me wont break anything and charge you to fix what they broke. It’s all relative. Did you ever think also Geek Squad have things like insurance, vehicle expenses and tech wages to pay? So no wonder they have to charge for that. Plus their techs suck. Bottom line, if you want cheap computer work, learn and do it yourself. Otherwise, open your wallet. I find it funny people will pay a plumber a ton of money to clear a shitter but wont want to spend the same to have their computers worked on. But then this could just be an issue where America thinks they are owed everything and someone else should give them something for free or at a lower rate just because you feel its just too expensive. By who’s standards I ask. Yours? or the guys out there who have busted their asses learning something worth wile.

  12. Considering the geek squad cannot properly spell ‘social’ on their “price list”, I would do some thinking before handing over anything.

  13. Too all the cheapskates out there….

    Hourly time should be the going professional hourly rate. If you can’t afford it, fix it yourself or find someone who does charity work.

    This is America the pinnacle capitalist country. No one rides for free.

  14. where else could someone go (besides geek squad) for help updating a computer at reasonable prices? i can barely manuver around let alone fix anything!

  15. the point is, just like most things, if you can do them yourself then you don’t need a service like this. do u think a mechanic goes to a shop to get an oil change…no. an oil change can cost up to $50-$60 depending on the type of oil, but if you can do it yourself it will take about 10 minutes and $10-15 dollars for the oil. you are paying for the convenience and the knowledge of a person to do something that you can’t do, don’t feel like doing, or are afraid to do yourself because you aren’t sure if you will mess it up. Geek Squad is one of the only services of its kind. If you want lower prices, learn to do it yourself or find a friend who can do it. The same as simple car repairs. People just like to complain for the sake of complaining without actually thinking about what they’re complaining about

  16. And for the record, Geek Squad is not commission based at all. So the idea that people have that Geek Squad tries to “up sell” a new computer makes no sense. Geek Squad does not benefit at all from Best Buy sales. If you want the honest truth, its probably because they just don’t feel like working on your ancient technology, or they are genuinely trying to help you by nicely telling you your computer is a piece of crap.

  17. Geek Squad is a very good company! where else would you go Staples? they will go out of biz and leave you stuck like chuck

  18. I am 67 and know very little about computers. I have been selling items on ebay and other sites. All of a sudden my Dell won’t let me download pictures from my new Best Buys Canon camera. It can’t find my camera.
    I was told my E drive is gone.
    How do I get it back? the camera is new. The computer is 2 yrs old, and it was bought at Best Buys also. Can the Geek Squad help me and how much would that cost. Please emai l me with an answer if you can help me at sunnfox at yahoo dot com.
    Thanks for any help

  19. Wow, these prices are insane. I fix computers for fun (or maybe it’s a compulsion) and I just can’t charge my customers that much. Partly because I don’t have certifications (and partly because I ask most customers to drop off their PC – I rarely do house calls). Most of them are older, disabled, and on fixed incomes. I don’t advertise because I’d be overwhelmed with malware jobs. I looked at the population in my county, and I would die before getting around to fixing all these PCs! I have fixed computers the Geeks have worked on and found the original problem still there! I’m guessing they don’t have the time or personnel to thoroughly comb over a system.

    I’ve been told I should do a class for the inexperienced. I Hate explaining this stuff. I’d rather be learning new software or programming. But I hate it more when people call me to ask the purpose of ‘right-clicking’ or they’ve lost their wireless connection. I’m shy, but willing to try just so I can get the phone calls to stop. I get annoyed inside, but I put “Thank you for allowing me to work on your computer” on my summary printouts. In order to not make myself crazy, I try to limit myself to 2 jobs per day. If you are a DIY-er, you can have an extra income in the ten thousands per year. I really didn’t get that because I didn’t take myself seriously. But having two people drive by and hand me $50 in one day woke me up. Just ask your parents and grandparents how many of their friends have broken computers just sitting around, and word will spread. It’s helped me be a lot more social and confident. I have few job choices, caring for a disabled child. And being able to tell the gov to stop cash benefits was a huge deal for me. I finally feel like I can buy some equipment that health insurance won’t cover. And I can look forward to a vehicle that’s not 20+years old!

    Thanks for posting this list as their site is no longer upfront about prices. Also, cute dad & son pic!

  20. Old post, I know…. A big problem with GS is their conflicting purpose in life. Their “public” purpose may be repairing computers (and installing home theater) but GS is really a sales arm of sorts of BB. The geek him/herself, however skilled he or she may be, lives a tightly scripted life working for GS/BB, having very little control over how they do their jobs and billing for every little thing they do. BB, as a big retailer, simply doesn’t give a hoot about any individual customer. Most people straggling into BB with computer in hand simply has no idea where else to go and BB knows it. As an indie I.T. consultant, I have cleaned up after a number of GS disasters. I would never recommend GS with only the tiny possible exception of installing a home theater system if you can’t find an indie in your area to do that.

  21. I guess I’m wondering what you charge? I have been in business for over 15 years and charge $100 for a house call and anywhere from $80-100/hour. If it takes 30 minutes it’s $50 bucks for a repair. Installs (just OS) are $80 plus the cost of the OS and if a new SSD drive is needed it could be upwards of $220-250. Half the cost or more of that is the hard drive…While I think some of the Geek Squad prices are certainly outrageous, my customers pay for my expertise and experience….seems like there are some who think the time and effort that goes into PC repair, networking, etc. should be cheaper…my customers can’t do this themselves but then complain about the cost…thanks for putting up their costs…I have known for many years that for an in-home they charge triple what I do…

  22. Recently as early as May 3, 2017 the geek squad deleted 605 GB of Federal court evidence documents and their executive emails haven’t done shit to resolve geek squad problem s instead breach the agreement by creating a fabricator report when the agent did not even restore windows 8.1 operating system
    Instead of the customer was discriminated & humiliated at bestbuy Northgate Washington

  23. The Geek Squad are dishonest, will create problems on your machine in order for you tospend more $ getting it fixed. ie..remove files, change your directory, over clocked my Gateway FX, and fried it a week after i had picked itup from the location (Arlington Tx. I-20 & Cooper), tried to have me buy a new 500GB HDD when that was already a new HDD. People, the Geek Squad are just abunch of kids 18-25yo that will be using software to pull upany and all deleted files on yoyr machine, including pictures, videos, emauld, documents and whi knows what those little shits will do with it. Sell it on the Dark Web? Jerk off to your private photos? Do nit trust them

  24. These prices appear reasonable.. I charge anywhere from 100 up to 240 per hour depending on urgency and work.

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