Geeksquad rates list

I believe many computer repair technicians have ideas about what the geek squad charge for computer repair services or are unsure. I created this simple table which shows what services they do, and charge for. Everything is taken directly from their website.

Some services are missing like DC-Jack repairs, laptop LCD repairs, motherboard replacements and OS re-installs. I think many of the advanced repairs the geek squad scares off the repair by telling the customer that the computer repair is not worth the fix and up sells a new laptop or desktop.

Phone quote online In store In home
Virus & Spyware Removal X X 149.99 199.99 299.99
Backup and online storage X 69.99 X X X
Computer Training X 49.99 X X 149.99
Computer Tuneup X 49.99 X 99.99 X
Data Recovery X X X Starting 59.99 X
Email setup X X Setup: 49.99 Troubleshoot: 69.99 X X
Hardware install (MEM-MP3-printer- etc) X X X 49.99 X
Hardware Repair X X X Price Varies X
Phone Quote Online In Store In Home
In home PC Hookup X X X X 149.99
Setup of Mobile Broadband X X X 29.99 X
Printer Setup 149.99 49.99 X X X
Printer Trouble shooting X 69.99 X X 149.99
installing antivirus and security software. X X X 69.99 X
Socail Media training X 49.99 X X 149.99
Phone Quote Online In Store In Home
Software Install X 49.99 X 29.99 129.99
Technology Consultation X X X X 99.99
Wireless Networking X X X X 99.99

17 thoughts on “Geeksquad rates list

  1. im looking at your rates list. are the prices listed PER hour?
    exampl: if I needed wireless networking at my home it says 99.99! is that the total cost I will be charged? is there any other thing i will be charged for? Like service call or anything else. I need to know what i will be paying before someone comes. I dont want someone comming to my house and hand me a bill for 300.00 bucks when the cost says 99.99.

  2. This is incredible, $50 to setup an email account, $50 to setup a printer, good grief how much would it cost to actually fix the computer if it broke down? I’d be scared to ask.

  3. I guess charging $150.00 an hour for a plumber changing an easy 10 cent washer is to much either. Or $75.00 to change tires in 15min. is to much either.

  4. The plumber statement is absolutely correct. You pay a plumber because they have the experience to fix something you can’t. Same as a doctor or a mechanic. Somehow computer repair is often regarded as if it is not a valuable thing… well…

    If you’re looking for somebody to fix something you can’t do yourself, it’s the same thing.. just different piece of equipment.

  5. Sweet. I just snappped that useful pice of information into my backend and removed hotlinking to save on bandwidth. Definetly a nice thing to know.

  6. They charge a crazy amount for even the most basic things. Out of curiosity I asked them once how much it would cost to install windows XP and I think they quoted me over $200.00. Then another time I had broken the screen on my laptop and I thought about taking it to them to fix it since I had never worked on a laptop before but they wanted $300.00 dollars. I did it myself for the cost of the screen. It was actually pretty easy and the screen was only about $50.00 on Amazon.

  7. where else could someone go (besides geek squad) for help updating a computer at reasonable prices? i can barely manuver around let alone fix anything!

  8. the point is, just like most things, if you can do them yourself then you don’t need a service like this. do u think a mechanic goes to a shop to get an oil change…no. an oil change can cost up to $50-$60 depending on the type of oil, but if you can do it yourself it will take about 10 minutes and $10-15 dollars for the oil. you are paying for the convenience and the knowledge of a person to do something that you can’t do, don’t feel like doing, or are afraid to do yourself because you aren’t sure if you will mess it up. Geek Squad is one of the only services of its kind. If you want lower prices, learn to do it yourself or find a friend who can do it. The same as simple car repairs. People just like to complain for the sake of complaining without actually thinking about what they’re complaining about

  9. And for the record, Geek Squad is not commission based at all. So the idea that people have that Geek Squad tries to “up sell” a new computer makes no sense. Geek Squad does not benefit at all from Best Buy sales. If you want the honest truth, its probably because they just don’t feel like working on your ancient technology, or they are genuinely trying to help you by nicely telling you your computer is a piece of crap.

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