Geeksquad rates list

I believe many computer repair technicians have ideas about what the geek squad charge for computer repair services or are unsure. I created this simple table which shows what services they do, and charge for. Everything is taken directly from their website.

Some services are missing like DC-Jack repairs, laptop LCD repairs, motherboard replacements and OS re-installs. I think many of the advanced repairs the geek squad scares off the repair by telling the customer that the computer repair is not worth the fix and up sells a new laptop or desktop.

Phone quote online In store In home
Virus & Spyware Removal X X 149.99 199.99 299.99
Backup and online storage X 69.99 X X X
Computer Training X 49.99 X X 149.99
Computer Tuneup X 49.99 X 99.99 X
Data Recovery X X X Starting 59.99 X
Email setup X X Setup: 49.99 Troubleshoot: 69.99 X X
Hardware install (MEM-MP3-printer- etc) X X X 49.99 X
Hardware Repair X X X Price Varies X
Phone Quote Online In Store In Home
In home PC Hookup X X X X 149.99
Setup of Mobile Broadband X X X 29.99 X
Printer Setup 149.99 49.99 X X X
Printer Trouble shooting X 69.99 X X 149.99
installing antivirus and security software. X X X 69.99 X
Socail Media training X 49.99 X X 149.99
Phone Quote Online In Store In Home
Software Install X 49.99 X 29.99 129.99
Technology Consultation X X X X 99.99
Wireless Networking X X X X 99.99

12 thoughts on “Geeksquad rates list

  1. im looking at your rates list. are the prices listed PER hour?
    exampl: if I needed wireless networking at my home it says 99.99! is that the total cost I will be charged? is there any other thing i will be charged for? Like service call or anything else. I need to know what i will be paying before someone comes. I dont want someone comming to my house and hand me a bill for 300.00 bucks when the cost says 99.99.

  2. This is incredible, $50 to setup an email account, $50 to setup a printer, good grief how much would it cost to actually fix the computer if it broke down? I’d be scared to ask.

  3. I guess charging $150.00 an hour for a plumber changing an easy 10 cent washer is to much either. Or $75.00 to change tires in 15min. is to much either.

  4. The plumber statement is absolutely correct. You pay a plumber because they have the experience to fix something you can’t. Same as a doctor or a mechanic. Somehow computer repair is often regarded as if it is not a valuable thing… well…

    If you’re looking for somebody to fix something you can’t do yourself, it’s the same thing.. just different piece of equipment.

  5. Sweet. I just snappped that useful pice of information into my backend and removed hotlinking to save on bandwidth. Definetly a nice thing to know.

  6. They charge a crazy amount for even the most basic things. Out of curiosity I asked them once how much it would cost to install windows XP and I think they quoted me over $200.00. Then another time I had broken the screen on my laptop and I thought about taking it to them to fix it since I had never worked on a laptop before but they wanted $300.00 dollars. I did it myself for the cost of the screen. It was actually pretty easy and the screen was only about $50.00 on Amazon.

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