David Letterman’s response to protestors


Why cant this always be the response to all the hypersensitive idiots recently empowered by the idiotic news media? When are entertainers going to recover their god given right to be controversial and offensive? Since when did an apology become completely worthless? What the hell happened to all the reasonable people? Why arent they represented?

One of the reasons why this country is considered a free country is because we as Americans have freedom of expression even if it offends someone.

What does that actually mean? We have the right to offend each other! Yes that’s right! We have the right to publish a website on the proper ways to kill kittens and puppies. We can start an organization that’s goal is to convince children to drop out of school. We can tell crude jokes in public and We can be a jerks! Its actually legal and a constitutional right.

Why? …think about it. Everything can offend someone somewhere. Imagine universal G rated media or being run out of town over a dirty joke.  Sounds like hell on earth to me. Sounds like stepford.

One thought on “David Letterman’s response to protestors”

  1. David Letterman is a star in his own right…He pulls no punches and tells things as it is. We need more of this type of television instead of all those rubbish ‘reality’ shows!

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