Custom Original NES consoles are just not a money maker

Custom Nintendo NES mod









I had an idea that there would be some kind of money to be made customizing The original NES or Nintendo Entertainment system. There are some really nice modifications that can make the current classic console work 10x better from disabling the problematic lock out chip and straightening the 72 pin connector.
I was curious to see if people would pay for nicely painted console with new LEDs or how about extra LEDs lighting up and all that crazy shit. After all there is a huge market for customizing computer cases and people even go as far as building them into into everything from toasters to fish tanks.
I did a few searches and found few people will pay for these mods. There are some really nice mods out there and they wouldnt even sell for $250. I saw a few sell for around a $100 with free shipping. Obviously customizing NES systems isnt going to be a lucrative business for anyone.
Maybe Xbox 360 modding? Sounds like a possibility.

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