Podnutz The Computer Repair Podcast and Technology Network

Podnutz = Great I would like to take the time to plug my favorite podcast podnutz. This post is long overdue.  I checked ITunes and this podcast has 67 5 Star reviews. Absolutely no one gave this podcast anything but glowing praise and its free.

Podnutz is a podcast for computer repair professionals and the computer enthusiast who would like to learn the ins and outs of many repair issues. The host (Steve Cherubino) is excellent. There’s no fluff or cheese in any of his podcasts. Steve is even a great interviewer and knows how to get excellent guests. All topics are relevant and up to date with today’s computer repair issues. Podnutz is technically a podcast network of many technology related topics.

I even somehow occasionally convince Steve Cherubino to have me on as a guest. Even more amazing is how Steve is fantastic enough to keep me on track and interesting enough to not completely humiliate myself! To bad my microphone makes me sound like a castrated midget. Hows that for self confidence? I’m getting better!

I’ve been in the computer repair business for 6 years and I am proud to admit I’m a better technician from this podcast.

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