October Links

– What you need to get started wet shaving.
– A detailed post on how to lose weight / how i lost 160lbs in 20 months.
– An article on social cues people find to be the most most creepy and the unified creepiness theory that helps you avoid being that sketchy guy.
– sleep better with bed bands,  article from Tim Ferriss,
– Checkout this table of dollar estrange rates for when choosing a foreign vacation on the cheap.
– 15 Ways to Customize The Twenty Fourteen Theme which is this blogs current theme.
– Take a road trip across the US by train for $500. interesting but might get old fast!
Fly and dog fight in a real  military fighter plane.
– The life of George.

September links

– An awesome article on e-fat bikes. which are electric powered fat tired mountain bikes.
– How to never have a serous poison Ivy rash again.
puNES emulator will emulate the zapper if you have a CRT TV. (needs testing)
– An awesome and funny explanation about the slow carb diet.
Growediblewalls.com Incredible living wall plant planters. They sell custom lighting, edible walls, DIY projects and more.
– gotu kola is the herb for repairing loose skin or stretch marks. It may take 6 months of supplementing for the effect as per the Tim Ferris podcast with Charles Poliquin.
– How to look cool this Winter.

Mashomack Preserve

Mashomack Preserve is one of my favorite hiking locations. Its on Shelter Island and is enormous. Its over 2000 acres of incredible land with untouched beaches fresh water marshes and woodlands. Nearly all of Long Islands trees were cut down for building efforts and its my theory that most of the Mashomack wooded areas are untouched. Its just not like most other areas of Long Island. If you make a trip be sure you take the obvious hiking gear. Bug repellent, GPS, map, water and make sure you leave enough time to get back.

Be sure to check out Nichols cemetery. Its beautiful, well kept family cemetery for the family that lived in the area. Its hidden pretty well and easy to miss. I took many pictures.


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McAllister County Park in Port Jefferson Harbor Hike

2011-07-24 19.07.37

If your crazy like me you might want to find unusual  places to go for short hikes that normal people haven’t considered. Some people overlook McAllister County Park while mooring their boats in “pirates cove” which is a part of Port Jefferson Harbor. Pirates cove got its name due to sunken ships that you can see on low tide at the beach. Yeah, How awesome is that? How many hikes have you been on that leads you to a couple sunken ships?

2011-07-24 18.26.54The reason everyone doesn’t go to McAllister is because there is no easy way to get to McAllister. You cant go by car because there is no parking available unless you are a resident of Belle Terre or anchor your boat. Belle Terre is one of the most expensive villages on Long Island. They have their own constables who would love to write you a ticket. McAllister also has a really cool landscape with huge dunes and bigger bluffs.

2011-07-24 18.53.47There is also some weird old worn out concrete ruins to see on the bay side of the cove. I have no idea what they were. But its very cool to see. If your looking for more of a view then keep walking the bayside and head over to the jetty and at end you can break the law and climb the tower and check out the Port Jefferson Ferry pass by and see the harbor from a totally different view than most.

2011-07-24 19.20.12All in all I highly recommend the trip if you aren’t turned off by the trouble it takes to get there. I found it easiest to park in Port Jefferson village and walk my way through Belle Terre. I don’t recommend hiking port jefferson bay side along the beech. There are way too many obsicles and way too much private land to cross for it to be worth the effort. Remember its not a one way trip!

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Robert Moses to Ocean Beach Fire Island

If you like the beach, beach towns, fresh air, sun, sand, and are basically normal then you will appreciate this trip idea. You’ll need a mountain bike (preferably a fat tire bike), a warm sunny day, a bike rack, and $10 for parking. Start your journey from the Robert Moses Park Field 5 parking lot and ride north back to the main car road and then  ride east towards the Light House. Bikes are forbidden on the boardwalk. If you have a fat tire bike you can head south to the beach and ride the beach the whole way. You wont be able to drive through the narrow boardwalk toward the light house because its for pedestrians only.

If you check the map you’ll see there is a dirt road that runs last the light house to the first Fire Island town of Kismet. If you don’t have a fat tire bike the loose sand on the way to kismet will be a pain in your ass. I assure you that once you reach Kismet the roads are much easier all the way to fair harbor and wont be loose sand. prepare to end your trip at around fair harbor unless you are prepared to trek through about a half mike of loose sand to ocean beach.

Quick Facts:
– The trip is heavily weather dependent. If there’s possible rain in the forecast than you might want to scrap this plan.
– If you hate loose sand and or walking your bike through it at times then move on.
– Plan to be out early and/or back before sundown because Robert Moses is a park and closes at sun down. Also you will be passing through the coast guard property on a dirt road. This is acceptable and perfectly normal but not after sundown.
– Sometimes the road close to kismet is flooded and you may have to divert. 

Some pictures from the area.

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Click here to checkout pictures of a junk artist’s art display at Kismet Fire Island.

Basic map of the trip.

Time lapse photography (Intervalometry) and motion detection project


I want to take some awesome time lapse videos but I don’t want to spend allot of money. To be specific I don’t want to spend more than $100 in total. My goal is to keep the whole rig around $50.

Im going to try this with CHDK. CHDK is a Canon firmware hack that adds all sorts of geeky features to old canon point and shoot cameras. These features are motion detection, timelapse, scripting and remote control. The motion detection is pretty awesome and fast enough for pictures of lightening strikes.

For the camera to be in budget I’m going to have to resort to ebay. On ebay you can search by section or category and then choose options like only show point and shoot. From there  you can choose the search term canon. Sorting the listings by lowest priced first and buyitnow helps keep the sorting to a minimum. From this point you will only have to sort out the cameras with problems. Click here and this link will do all that work for you. ( Yes people sell broken cameras. Not everything is thrown in garbage cans when it breaks.)

The next parts of the project will be for power and storage. I can make it real simple and just buy a High capacity SD Card and purchase some strong batteries. But what fun would that be?  For storage We can add an eye-fi card and virtually have unlimited storage and get to see and collect the pictures as they are taken. The only problem with this is that eye-fi cards don’t have the write protect switch that is needed for CHDK. Greg Klein’s blog has a great solution for this on his blog. Basically he modified his eye-fi card so it will work.

Power can be an issue if during the span of time lapse your battery runs out. I can think of a few solutions. I have an idea of taking large battery pack and stepping down the voltage and wiring the leeds into the battery compartment. Thats a bit crazy but can be useful if you plan on taking your rig to a remote location with no chance of power. Solar power can be a great idea but its both expensive (out of budget) and a theft risk if you plan on leaving your rig out unsupervised. Another solution is to buy a simple external power cord and plug the camera directly to a wall outlet. This works because most cameras have this option. Another very similar idea is running the power supply to a power inverter in your car or buying a power supply that has a cigarette plug. You can find all these power options on ebay.

So thats the plan for now. I will post more when I get it to building. Also Checkout this life hacker article for more info.

Honesty, Monster Faces, Cheapskates, Trolls and a Parody of Prodigy


– Here are some hysterical examples of trolling dating profiles to brighten your day.
– Honesty is the best policy when decorating a cake.
– Powerful and shocking full color photograghs of the third reich.
– The infamous Prodigy’s smack my bitch up video has a great parody on youtube.
– Heres the full story behind the applebees waitress who was stiffed by a self righteous pastor who was then publicly humiliated as she deserved.
– Pictures of naked chicks catching fish is as strange as it sounds. Hot chicks making monster faces is even stranger.

Dry brining steak

That is two Rib eye steaks coated in kosher salt. Kosher salt is not as fine as table salt. Table salt would probably just disappear  Dry Brining is a process of tenderizing steak. It really works well and I hear you can use this process to make cheap cuts into more choice cuts. Basically you do this on one side of a steak for 1 hour per inch.

Oh yes of course you can wash off all that salt before cooking. Just remember to dry your steak really well before searing any steak.

To see this process in action check out Jakatak69’s youtube video for more   info.

A healthy alternative to sunshine